Clay and Amy Schultz, July 17th, 2012

It was such an honor to serve Clay and Amy for their wedding reception. They are both such wonderful people. Here is their story and a few photos from the ceremony.


Tonight I have the honor of sharing a story with you. A story about love…

Amy Leigh Krueger was born March 2nd, 1979 in Aurora, Colorado. She lived in Aurora with her sister Tara until she was 8 years old. She moved to California at the age of 8, moved back to Littleton at age 10, then to Fort Collins at 16, and graduated from Fort Collins High School in 1998. During her junior year of high school, she started beauty school and graduated in October 1998. She started working at Trade Secret Salon right away.

Clayton Raymond Schultz was born June 15th, 1972 in Fort Collins, Colorado, and spent his childhood flying, camping, fishing, boating, and playing golf, baseball, and football. He graduated from Fort Collins High School in 1991 and went directly to Montana State University for 2 years. He returned to Colorado and finished college at Metro State in 1996. After college he worked for Mesa Airlines as a ramp supervisor, then Wisconsin Airlines as a ramp manager, and works for Mile-Hi Skydiving. As I hear it, he just recently started working for a charter company as well.

It kind of amazing these two ever met… If it weren’t for Michelle Young, we might not be here today. For about a year, Michelle would talk to Amy about Clay, and bug Clay to start dating again, of course Michelle had just the right person in mind. One day Michelle call Clay our of the blue and said, “Are you ready yet?” to which Clay replied, “For What? To start dating?” Clay wasn’t sure if he was ready to start dating, but knew that whomever she was, would have to understand his crazy schedule. Michelle insisted it was just for coffee, and Clay said, “Sure, I guess.” Michelle gave Clay, Amy’s phone number, has as she had given Amy, Clay’s phone number. Clay was debating calling Amy that evening, but before he could, Amy called him and they agreed to meet.. At Panera, on May 4th, 2011, at 9:15a.m.

Amy recalls meeting Clay and thinking. “Wow! He’s a cutie, and a gentlemen.”

Clay, in his wonderfully honest demeanor, remembers Amy as “cute” and wearing an orange hat. He also remembered her as sweet, confident, not afraid to give her opinion, and way out of his league.

Clay and Amy spent their first date drinking coffee, eating bagels, and talking about their kids. Amy thought Clay was an awesome Dad. Clay was thinking, she would never go out with him again because of his crazy schedule. He figured a second date was a long shot. THANK GOD they got an opportunity for a second date, which according to Clay, almost didn’t happen.

Their first kiss happened at the Park N’ Ride. Clay dropped Amy off at her car and in the rain, gave her a kiss. Amy remember sitting on Clay’s couch one night talking, looking in to Clay’s eyes and saying, “I am totally falling in love with you.” He said, “I feel the same way.”

The rest of their relationship has been a whirlwind. Clay would find any way possible to see Amy. She would stop by on he way home from work, if only for 10 minutes. Clay would swing by her place to bring her coffee on his way to work, or drop it off at the salon. Somehow, with their crazy schedules, they made time to see each other almost everyday for at least 5 minutes.

All those moments together made for an exciting Christmas eve, but it took Clay quite a bit of work to get there. He had purchased a ring and was going to ask Amy to marry him at Halloween, but his schedule took him out of town. His next opportunity was at a family gathering for Kirsten’s birthday. That didn’t work. Thanksgiving was the next opportunity, that didn’t work. Clay wasted to ask her at Christmas Dinner, that didn’t work either. Clay was waiting for just the right moment and all his previous attempts weren’t quite right.

Clay did find just the right moment. He finally asked Amy on Christmas Eve. He tied the ring to a red ribbon and hung it on the Christmas tree. After the kids had gone to bed, and Santa had delivered all the presents, Amy STILL hadn’t noticed the ring on the tree. Clay tried desperately to get her to notice her early Christmas gift, but ultimately, had to point it out to her. He pulled it off the tree, got down on one knee, told Amy he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, and asked her to marry him.

If you ask Amy, she was the one that got the ring down from the tree, untied it, and gave it to Clay.

Either way, she said, “Yes!”, and they held each other in front of the Christmas Tree. According to Clay, it was, “Amazing! It all, finally, felt perfect.”

Amy has been looking a very long 10 years to find the man that fits her family. Clayton is him. He makes me very happy, we laugh all the time, and have lots of fun with all the kids together. Clay and his kids have made our family complete.

Despite the crazy schedules, and awkward moments, Clay and Amy sit here today as husband and wife!

Isn’t the venue gorgeous?! You can visit their webpage: Tapestry Hosue.


Master of Ceremonies and Mobile DJ