Kirk and Jill Buckley June 18th, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Jill and Kirk.


Here is their story:

It all began… December 2nd, 2010. Jill had been working for National Security Technologies and studying ASL on the side.  Sara, whom we just met, had been working for this company as well and knew of a guy named Kirk who also worked with them and was studying ASL.  Sara introduced Kirk and Jill for an on-line conversation that would last a lifetime…

Kirk Daniel Buckley and Jillian Denise Soper met on Microsoft Communicator, an instant messaging program their company uses.  Jill was in a relationship at the time and neither one of them were looking to pursue anything beyond friendship.  In fact, they didn’t even see each other in person until 9 days later when they went to see an ASL movie called “Black Sand”.  Jill told Kirk that if she had known about their age difference when they met, she would have “written him off”.  Although Kirk admits he thought she was beautiful and wished she were his, he, too, wasn’t sure about the age difference.  Fortunately for them, however, their friendship had already blossomed.

Their first “date” was on Christmas Eve at a Christmas Eve Mass and, later, dinner at the Geisha House.  They shared a wonderful evening and Kirk was the perfect gentleman.  Not one week later, their future was sealed… As the evening ended on December 30, Kirk took Jill home and offered to massage Jill’s hurting knees.  Kirk continued to pamper Jill with a neck and shoulder massage. Kirk stopped for just a moment, and rested his head on hers. With a serious case of butterflies, she slowly turned around… and it happened… their first kiss!

Right away, Kirk fell in love with Jill.  On January 13, Jill playfully signed “I love you” while at a restaurant. Once they returned home, Kirk stopped Jill and vocally said to her – “I love you.”

On the 3-month anniversary of the day they were introduced, Kirk asked Penny to help him with a little project for Jill. During an ASL Social at Borders Bookstore, Jill wasn’t feeling well and wanted to go home, but Kirk convinced her to stay in order to meet one of his old friends.  Instead, Penny came over and proceeded to hold Kirk’s folder, containing some very special notes.  Kirk got down on one knee and using nothing but ASL and the notes Penny was holding, proposed to Jill in front of all of their friends.

Jill and Kirk both say they are the perfect match for each other.  Jill commented that she would not have had their relationship go any other way and Kirk admits that he would have considered himself very fortunate to simply have her as a friend… but becoming her husband is the greatest thing he could ever imagine.

“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible”… and that time has finally come.


Enjoy photos from their wedding ceremony and reception.


Master of Ceremonies and Mobile DJ