History and Development

The Krueger Audio Loudspeaker Line

The Krueger Audio Loudspeaker line was designed, engineered, and inspired by the smooth flowing lines of organic objects, with a fundamental belief that “boxes” do not effectively reproduce natural sound.  Uniquely: The patented and patent-pending low frequency loading concepts utilized in our designs are not limited to round shapes, and can be adapted to more “box-like” and odd-shaped external form factors.


Many of the concepts for the construction and layout of the designs are unique and were adopted from different industries. Very few of the design elements are used in traditional loudspeaker construction. With 5 design patents, 1 Utility Patent and 1 Utility Patent pending, Krueger Audio takes IP and brings it to life.


Krueger Audio Technologies was formed in 2007 by audio engineer Paul M. Krueger. Authentic sound reproduction has been an obsession of Mr. Krueger in his years designing and hand-building loudspeakers since the age of 13. Paul looks at existing audio products and “re-thinks” them with a fresh, “sky is the limit” perspective, with an unrelenting pursuit of incredible sound. Krueger Audio is committed to developing audio products that are refreshingly new — both visually and in performance.

Loudspeaker Technology.

More Sound, Less Space

The nature of the patented and patent-pending hybrid transmission line bass enclosure avoids high internal pressures and reflections, eliminating sound destroying resonances that plague other speakers. Instead of trying to control the resonances and reflections caused by the powerful back wave from the driver, we get out of the way of it.The result-our speakers can play louder and cleaner than comparable speakers, while weighing less.

TrueBass® Technology – Low Frequency Enhancement

Our TrueBass® technology results in lower frequency reproduction with reduced measured distortion, higher SPL, increased efficiency, and better acoustical coupling with the ambient airspace while minimizing enclosure volume requirements.

Composite Enclosure Ready

Deemed a no-no in high fidelity, Krueger Audio technologies allows for better sound in “plastic” enclosures including mass consumer devices such as “smart speakers”.

Power and realism without weight

Our Krueger branded loudspeaker enclosure are constructed of a proprietary composite, Polycarbonate/ABS with carbon fiber filler in the precise, injection molded clamshell design, with thin wall design and only minimal, high-Q resonances. We are the pound for pound champs in SPL and realism.

Technology Licensing

Krueger Audio works with manufacturers.

Krueger Audio works with manufacturers of audio products to enable maximum fidelity without requiring increases in product or tooling costs. Our engineers can work with your technology team to seek substantive improvements – within engineering and economic boundaries – to make your devices better, and deliver a better consumer experience.

Our team can work with you to develop an action plan for quick implementation of our technology into your devices.

Device Audio Enhancement.

The miniaturization of audio devices requires new thinking.

The miniaturization of audio devices requires new thinking to reproduce intelligible sound, and even more thought to reproduce realistic audio.

Krueger Audio can help solve product audio execution issues with smartphones, laptops/tablets, “Smart Speakers”, Headphones, Wireless loudspeakers, Subwoofer loudspeakers, Home automation and a bevy of IoT devices.

Consumers are demanding better sounding “things” and we are here to make that a reality.


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