History and Development

The Krueger Audio Loudspeaker Line

 Krueger Audio Technologies has been innovating in audio loudspeaker product development for 13 years. Early to recognize the future in composite, thin walled speaker enclosures and the coming wireless revolution, Krueger focuses on reproducing the impact of large heavy arcane designs in small form factor, light weight, and resilient composite designs.

Krueger Audio is the brainchild of Paul Krueger, a former engineering student and audio nut who innovated groundbreaking speaker enclosures in the late 2000’s.

Recent development has produced a series of intellection property innovations coined PureBass tech, that allow small bass drivers to produce the dB output of much larger speakers – more efficiently –  and in less space, without a requirement for a heavy enclosure or expensive materials.

Loudspeaker Technology

More Sound, Less Space

The nature of the patented “Concentric Loading” bass enclosure breaks the barriers of traditional speaker enclosure designs into a unique, highly efficient, battery friendly bass unit that delivers stunning performance in a compact, lightweight package..The result-our speakers can play louder and cleaner than comparable speakers, while weighing less, using less battery power, while utilizing cheap, non-esoteric, conventional moving coil mid-bass drivers..

PureBass® Technology – Low Frequency Enhancement

Our PureBass® technology results in lower frequency reproduction with reduced measured distortion, higher SPL, increased efficiency, and better acoustical coupling with the ambient airspace while minimizing enclosure volume requirements. More SPL per watt=longer battery life-essential in today’s market.

Composite Enclosure Ready

Deemed a no-no in high fidelity, Krueger Audio technologies allows for better sound in “plastic” enclosures including mass consumer devices such as “smart speakers”. Our designs are scalable to ultra-small devices with measurable performance advantages vs. their peers..

Power and realism without weight

Krueger loudspeaker enclosures thin wall designs perform well in inexpensive ABS, ABS/Polycarb, and PVC Vinyl blends with only minimal, high-Q resonances with no audible distortion artifacts. We are the pound for pound champs in SPL per watt with realism rivaling heavy, non-portable speakers..

Technology Licensing

Krueger Audio works with manufacturers.

Krueger Audio works with manufacturers of audio products to enable maximum fidelity and substantive performance gains. Our engineers can work with your technology team to seek substantive improvements – within engineering and economic boundaries – to make your devices better, and deliver a better consumer experience.

Our team can work with you to develop an action plan for quick implementation of our technology into your devices.

Device Audio Enhancement.

The miniaturization of audio devices requires new thinking.

The miniaturization of audio devices requires new thinking to reproduce intelligible sound, and even more thought to reproduce realistic audio.

Krueger Audio can help solve product audio execution issues with smartphones, laptops/tablets, “Smart Speakers”, Headphones, Wireless loudspeakers, Subwoofer loudspeakers, Home automation and a bevy of IoT devices.

Consumers are demanding better sounding “things” and we are here to make that a reality.


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